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Anglo Iraqi Studies Centre (AISC)

The Anglo-Iraqi Studies Centre (AISC) is an academic and community project based in London. AISC aims to be a point of contact in London for all knowledge about Anglo-Iraqi studies. The centre is dedicated to gathering, presenting and reviewing all material written in English about Iraq in the last two centuries (1800 – 2000) and aims to bring together Iraqi and British communities through the mediums of cultural events, knowledge presentations, outreach visits, studies, workshops and sessions with academic professionals from Iraq and the UK.

The centre aims to play a key role with academic and public figures in the UK to enhance public knowledge and understanding of Iraq, Anglo-Iraqi studies, Iraqi-British connections, assisting the Iraqi-British community to rediscover their identities thus enabling further positive integration of Iraqis into British life.

This website contains further information about the AISC, a list of selected books published in English about Iraq, the full text of a selection of English language books about Iraq, a photographic archive related to Iraq, a list of publications by AISC’s staff and volunteers and video links to events by AISC staff.

The centre contains a library with more than 1,000 books and periodicals published in English about Iraq and aims to collect as many English language publications on Iraq as possible. These will be presented to the public and also made available online.

Through the mediums of cultural events, knowledge presentations, workshops, studies and outreach visits the centre aims to enhance the education of the public and British/Iraqi communities and assist Iraqi-British citizens’ further positive integration into UK life.

The centre is a project based in London established with the Anglo-Iraqi Dialogue Foundation, which is a registered UK charity (Charity No: 1154526) and also a registered UK company (Company No: 8323352), previously known as the Al-Hakim Foundation.

This project is managed by Mr Nadeem Al-Abdalla, who has a BA in English Language and a Masters Degree (MA) in The Politics of Education from Plymouth University. Mr Al-Abdalla is a researcher in the field of Anglo-Iraqi studies and he has commenced this project with the assistance of other researchers. A panel of advisors drawn from the academic, cultural and political arenas related to Iraq and Anglo-Iraqi studies also helps to develop and enhance this project.

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